Preliminary list of Speakers and Topics


Updated as of July 25, 2016.

Stephanie Amiel, UK

Psychological tools and education enhancing the awareness of hypoglycemia in diabetic patients 

Katharine Barnard, UK

Making the most of diabetes technology 

Bruce Bode, USA
  • Computerized Software using POC Glucose in the Hospital and Outpatient Setting
  • The use of SGLT-1 and SGLT-2 inhibitors in Type 1 Diabetes 
Natasa Bratina, Slovenia

Closed loop and physical activity - a DREAM or already reality? 

Marc Breton, USA

Algorithm development for adjusting therapy from data collected from connected tools in patients using CGM 

Guillaume Charpentier, France 

Connected Tools: The DIABEO platform 

Claudio Cobelli, Italy


Closed-loop algorithms: The Italian MPC approach
Thomas Danne, Germany

GLT2 inhibitors as add-on therapy in (pediatric) type 1 diabetes 

Eyal Dassau, USA
  • Implantable AP: Benefits and challenges of IP-IP AP
  • The Internet of things, Diabetes Management and Automated Insulin Management
Francis Doyle III, USA

Multi-week outpatient studies with adaptation

Satish Garg, USA

18 months use of Closed-Loop at home study 

Harriet Goldman​, USA

Novel approaches to cyber security​​

George Grunberger, USA

Challenges and problems in introducing new technologies into clinical practice 

Ahma​d Haidar, Canada

Automated glycemic regulation with a dual-Hormone (Insulin and Glucagon) artificial pancreas: the Montreal Approach 

Irl Hirsch, USA

CGM in type 2 diabetes: Is it a realistic technology? 

Moshe Hod, Isr​ael

​Connecting the Perinatal Hypotheses to the Vicious Cycle of Non Communicable Disease - It all starts in utero. ​
Roman Hovorka, UK
  • Inpatient glucose control and closed loop insulin delivery
  • Closed-Loop Algorithms: Cambridge MPC Approach 
Andrej Janež, Slovenia

Add-on therapies in obese pre-diabetic women with polycystic ovary syndrome

​David Klatzmann, France​Low dose IL-2 as a Treg stimulator in T1D and beyond
David Klonoff, USA

Cyber security of Medical devices: Introduction 

Olga Kordonouri, Germany

Continuous and Flash Glucose Monitoring in Youth with Type 1 Diabetes Hiking Gorges in Greece and Volcanoes in Island 

Boris Kovatchev, USA

The International Diabetes Closed-Loop (iDCL) Trial: Progress Report 

Aaron Kowalski, USA

Further optimizing diabetes control with Big Data 

Lori Laffel, USA

Opportunities to Enhance Technology Use in Pediatric Patients with T1D

David Maahs, USA

Multiple model probabilistic predictive control: Is a pre-meal bolus necessary? 

Chantal Mathieu, Belgium
  • Lactococcus as a Delivery System for Immunotherapy
  • New insulins in type 1 diabetes: getting better all the time? 
Helen Murphy, UK

Adaptability of closed-loop during labor and delivery 

John Pickup, UK

Insulin pump therapy in type 2 diabetes: an individual patient data meta-analysis 

Moshe Phillip/Revital Nimri, Israel
  • Closed-Loop algorithms - Fuzzy logic approach
  • Algorithm development for adjusting therapy from data collected from connected tools in patients using SMBG 
Walter Pories, USA

The molecular basis for the remission of type 2 diabetes and opportunities for drug development 

Remi Rabasa-Lhoret, Canada


Issues related to infusion of glucagon or amylin 

Jay Radcliff, USA

Are we going too fast? The dangers of connected diabetic devices 

Eric Renard, France

Moving to a dynamic view of diabetes: a cornerstone on the road toward glucose control 

Michael Riddell, Canada

Physiology and drug development for the prevention of exercise-related hypoglycemia 

Steven Russell, USA

Automated glycemic regulation with a bionic pancreas delivering insulin and glucagon:  the Boston approach 

Andrea Scaramuzza, Italy

Human factor vs. technology in pediatric diabetes 

Desmond Schatz, USA

Type 1 diabetes biological heterogeneity: Why does it matter? ­ 

Riccardo Schiaffini, Italy

CSII, CGM, and scuba diving in pediatrics 

Jay Skyler, USA

Multi Drug combination therapy for T1D 

M​ark Sperling, USA

Pros and cons of bariatric surgery in adolescents with obesity and T2DM 

Garry Steil, USA

Closed-loop algorithms – Harvard PID approach 

Stuart Weinzimer

Dual Hormone closed loop: Amylin plus insulin 

Yariv Yogev, Israel

The impact of maternal diabetes in pregnancy on future maternal and fetal health


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